Where the Day Takes you… | Relish Life Coaching
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Where the Day Takes you... | Relish Life Coaching

Where the Day Takes you…

I’ve kept a journal nearly my entire life. From the kind that came with a pretend lock on it from my elementary school days to spiral bound notebooks through high school and college and now my pretty “grown up” ones. I love the anticipation of a new journal. The possibility of what’s to come.  The moments, thoughts, feelings, frustrations and  celebrations that make up my life that will come to fill all of the blank pages. The biggest thing I have struggled with while keeping a journal was the pressure I felt to “keep it up to date.” What I mean by that is if I had a gap in my writing instead of just picking up writing about what is on my mind at that moment I would feel compelled to catch up on everything that had happened in between – in perfect chronological order. Usually what ended up happening is that I would do it and by the time I caught up on everything I was sick of  it and I didn’t end up writing about what had inspired me to sit down and write in the first place. Or, the task would seem too overwhelming and I wouldn’t write at all –  making an even bigger gap –  which would prolong the writing more. This is how it happened that I have one journal that covers 5 years of my life when I usually go through a journal about every 6 to 8 months.  I love writing. It helps me process things in  a healthy way. When I write i can express my thoughts and feelings and make sense out of them in a way I can’t out loud. It’s therapeutic and it makes me happy. So it was a bit a of a head-scratcher to me that I was spoiling it for myself with these rules. It came to me that on some level I felt pressure to make it perfect  – I guess in case someone ever read it?!? How ridiculous! So I made a decision that day that my writing was for me and that if someone did end up reading my journals most likely I wouldn’t be around anymore.  Am I really going to care if they disapprove  if I leave out some meaningless events? God knows they will have plenty to judge with the spelling errors and complete disregard for grammar alone. Now I write when I like, about what I want  to get on paper in that moment.

Well there seems to have been some spillover from those days and those rules when it comes to my blog  – since I am still around and people will be reading it. There’s that pressure again and it’s keeping me from writing again. So, the gloves are coming off and the rules are going out the window. This blog is an extension of my journal and I write it because I love it and I’m grateful to have a place to share life experiences and humor that maybe other people connect with. Hopefully you can look past the typos and grammatical errors and cut me some slack if I skip over Valentines Day, Easter and every single moment that has passed since the last post. Today I am inspired and today I want to share with you what’s on my mind.

We had an incredible summer! I had more time with my girls than ever before and we made the most of it. We didn’t miss a beach day or a chance to swim. Everyone had their fill of popsicles and ice cream and lots of garden fresh food. I’ve been working hard on improving my cooking skills. It’s pretty humbling, especially with a four and six year old as your audience. There were more than a few “This is gwwwwoss!!!” moments but I’m getting better and we have some new family favorites. I’m excited for the season change coming and to try my hand at some hearty fall/winter recipes.

I’ve been doing a lot of work this summer with our local TV station WHHI. I was a guest on Girl Talk recently. It was a blast! What a great group of women.

I was also lucky enough to get to cover the Celebrity Golf Tournament this past weekend for Golf Center. It was super exciting to get to meet C. Thomas Howell (The Outsiders is a favorite movie of mine) and Henry Cho whose comedy I’ve enjoyed since he was on VH1 years ago. You can see the interviews here:

After a few stressful weeks I’m feeling inspired and exited. I’ve got new music on my ipod which makes me motivated to get out and run. I’m the proud parent of a first grader! My girls are both back to school and we are all looking forward to getting back into a routine.  The chatter has begun about what to be for Halloween. I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with my coaching clients and meeting new ones. I’m getting ready to celebrate Relish’s  first birthday!!!! What a year it has been. I have learned so much about myself as well as running a business. There is so much more to learn but it’s been a pleasure to experience the growth and changes in both me and my business.

From now on you can look forward to more frequent posts about what is inspiring me at the moment. Things I’m exited about and want to share. Funny stories and lesson’s learned.

That’s it for now!




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