The Beauty of Downtime | Relish Life Coaching
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The Beauty of Downtime | Relish Life Coaching

The Beauty of Downtime

I planned on continuing my posts in a timely and chronological fashion but the universe had other plans! One of the hazards of living your best life – knowing your purpose, living your passion, giving your gifts – is that it can be hard to take a break. At least for me. Sometimes I am so consumed with giving, creating and helping people that it becomes all-consuming. I realize now that taking a break isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t hold me back from living my purpose. It actually is vital to living my purpose and helps me be more effective at giving to others. When I take time to rest, relax and have fun it fills up my emotional and spiritual tank. When my tank is full I am a better artist, wife and mother.

This is all stuff I already know but apparently needed to be reminded of the last few weeks. So I am happy to report a surprise weekend away courtesy of my husband was the greatest gift I could have asked for! For three days we unplugged and enjoyed the beauty of the mountains. No phones, email, children or schedule. It was amazing! I drank wine with lunch just because I could. I delighted in the beauty all around me. I even took a nap! As the mother of a 2 and 4 year old that never happens!!!

In addition to the rest which I desperately needed, the break provided great inspiration for me. As I mentioned in a previous post I’m doing  Flora Bowley’s ecourse right now (LOVE!!!) I am behind and pretty much stalled out on the recognizable imagery step. I’ve loved the free-flowing intuitive process so much but as soon as it was time to paint “something” I freaked out. I had no idea what to paint so I didn’t paint. The time away gave me time in nature to really look at the world around me and see how many shapes, colors and images that go unnoticed in the fast pace of my daily life.

I can’t wait to get painting and incorporate these shapes. I’m also focusing on incorporating more downtime into my daily life. Even if it means laundry goes unfolded and my blog posts aren’t as frequent as I would prefer. I know I will have better things to offer when I do take the time.

I will continue the posts about collaging but I can’t say when… Right now it’s beautiful outside and I am going to the beach! 🙂



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