I Have a Confession to Make… | Relish Life Coaching
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I Have a Confession to Make... | Relish Life Coaching

I Have a Confession to Make…

Magazines changed my life.

Actually – magazines, scissors, glue sticks and paper if you want to be specific – changed my life. I found my heart, I found my passion and I found my way back to myself through the magic of collage.

I’m sure it seems a bit of a stretch that cutting and gluing pictures from a magazine could have any kind of profound effect on your life but it really can! Every one of us has a story to tell. The story of our heart. Some of us are gifted writers and artists and can easily express what is in our heart. Some of us are not. I would definitely fall into the “are not” category. Or at least I did.

I have been a lover of art all of my life. How I wished I could be one of those “creative” and “artistic” people. I made a few stabs at it to no avail. I filled my apartment with hideous and disappointing paint your own pottery. I tried to make jewelry . I bought books at Michael’s about how to make your own lanterns. Everything I tried reinforced my belief that I just wasn’t one of “those people.”

Then everything changed.

As part of my personal growth work with Tony Robbins I learned about vision boards. The purpose of a vision board is to get pictures of things/moments/experiences that you want to bring into your life and put them on a bulletin board so that you see them every day. It has to do with the law of attraction and they can be very helpful for creating change in your life and accomplishing goals. I decided I wanted to make one. It took me about a year before I finally gave myself the opportunity. My husband was out of town and my dear friend came to stay with me and my two babies. She is totally one of those “artistic people” in every possible way. With her by my side I felt brave to step in to the creative world.

We had music, magazines and time to sit and think , “If I could design my life any way I wanted what would it be like…” We sat at my dining room table and ripped, cut and glued pictures of anything and everything that inspired us. IT WAS AWESOME! In fact it was so awesome that I stayed up until 3:00 in the morning to finish it. And then I woke up in the morning and I wanted more!

That night something came alive in me I didn’t even know was dead. My creative heart! Working full time and having two babies in two years had completely sucked the life out of me. I existed trying to keep up with the demands at work and the laundry at home. I made time for my husband, my babies, my parents, my friends but my soul? Zip. My heart? Nada. My creativity? I didn’t even know I had any (remember the ugly pottery?) I was wrong.

The board I created was absolutely beautiful. I was so proud of what I had made. I didn’t have to draw, paint, mold clay or do anything scary like that to create it, yet it was incredibly personal and uniquely mine. I was hooked. I wanted more of that joy. I wanted more of that feeling when you are so engrossed in what you are doing that time disappears. I wanted more inspiration and passion but I had a problem. I didn’t need another vision board. I had just made one and in my eyes it was perfect. I also believe you should make one and leave it be for about six months to give your dreams a chance to manifest. So what could I do? How could I keep this new amazing thing I found in my life?

That is when I started a collage journal. I bought a pretty red leather refillable journal from Staples and started collaging it the same day. I”m now on my third refill! I’ve kept a written journal pretty much my entire life. What is amazing to me is the difference between the journal I wrote and the one I made. I the one I wrote was full of mundane daily events peppered with occasional moments of insight. My collage journal on the other hand was my heart and soul on the page for the world to see. It was so shockingly honest and such a contrast to the written version. The written one was husband, kids, laundry. The collage one was page after glorious page of art. It was my heart and soul screaming as loud as they could, “For the love of God woman could we get some art over here?!? Remember how much you love music? Films? Photography? Beauty in any form? We are starving to death! Please feed us!

It is through making and seeing my collage journals that I rediscovered what I love and started reincorporating those things in to my life. Everyone has creativity inside them. Whether you have talent (or rather talent that’s up to your standards) is a different story but the creativity is there. I can show you how to use collage to listen to your heart, get to know yourself better and to tell your story. It is easy and it is so much fun!!! In my next post I will give you the how to and share pictures from a creativity workshop I hosted recently. It was an amazing evening!



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