Endless Summer Part I | Relish Life Coaching
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Endless Summer Part I | Relish Life Coaching

Endless Summer Part I

It’s hard for me to believe that this summer is over! One minute it’s March and I am working on taking downtime and then boom it’s six months later and I’m trying to figure out where the time has gone.

This has been a summer of transformation for me personally. Up to now I have been working full time in the mortgage business and doing my art, life coaching and creativity workshops at night, on weekends and any other spare minute I can squeeze it in. It hasn’t been exactly what I would call balanced – especially with two small children but the hard work was worth it. In August I resigned from my job after eight years and am now doing what I love full time. It was a big change and took a lot of faith. It was hard to say goodbye to the security of a job I knew and had been very happy at for such a long time. Harder still was saying goodbye to all of the people I loved, co-workers and clients that had become like family to me. I am a very relationship oriented person and get quite attached to the people I care about so I had a lot of really mixed emotions about leaving. Still I am fortunate enough to know my purpose in this world and I knew deep in my heart now was the time to make the change. A few tearful goodbyes later off I went to the great unknown with a few hints from the universe I was heading the right direction:

I took a few weeks off to recharge as the two months leading up to my departure had been full of stress, long hours and not much sleep on my part. I went to spend time with my two best girlfriends Julie and Becky. Never underestimate the power of being with old, dear and loving friends. It was so fulfilling and inspiring and just plain fun! Lucky for me they both live in California and the awesome beauty of our surroundings made our time together even more inspiring. I slept well, ate well and laughed until I cried on more than one occasion. It was so cathartic.

One of my favorite books is Life is a Verb by Patti Digh. One of the chapter’s is called “Always Rent the Red Convertible.”  She says part of living a passionate fulfilled life is to take the opportunity to take everyday life moments and make them an experience. So when you are going to rent a car – don’t get the beige sedan, get the red convertible. At the last second I decided to try it and and the next thing you know Julie and I are driving in our red mustang convertible from LA to San Francisco. What a blast!!!! Wind in our hair, music blasting and singing The Cure and Violent Femmes at the top of our lungs we might as well have been sixteen. That’s how I felt. I will never forget that moment and I’m so grateful we went to the extra effort and expense to do it.

Becky was waiting for us in San Francisco – Mill Valley to be specific. She lives near Muir Woods which is an extraordinary nature preserve full of majestic red oaks. The woods have a very spiritual energy and the ancient trees were awe inspiring. I’m so grateful she shared them with me. I will never forget that. It’s amazing to me how much I really stop and appreciate beauty in all it’s forms when I am disconnected from the rat race of everyday life. It’s like time slows down and I just breath and take it all in. I want to do that more when I am at home in the midst of the rat race.

Going over the bridge on our way into San Francisco Julie and I shouted out things that we needed to release – attachment to people, emotions and situations we needed to let go of. It was liberating and a great way to let go of old stuff that isn’t serving anymore.  I rode the bus over the Golden Gate Bridge on my way to the airport to fly home. I took a deep breath and let go of the last attachment I was holding on to and left it  behind me on the bridge. I started visualized coming home anew, joyful, refreshed and excited to start the next chapter of my life.


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