Day 8 Live With What You Love | Relish Life Coaching
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Day 8 Live With What You Love | Relish Life Coaching

Day 8 Live With What You Love

One of the most important lessons I learned from Tony Robbins is that you are who you surround yourself with. The people in your life are who you become. Look at the people you spend your time with and you will see the income, health/lifestyle and kind of relationship you are going to have. Pay attention because this is important:  If the people in your life do not reflect the kind of person you want to be its time to clean house and to find some new people who do. It may sound harsh but your peer group (no matter how old you are) is the single biggest influence on the kind of person you become and the kind of life you live.

Now,  I am going to take this one step further and tell you that what you surround yourself matters almost as much as who. Just like your peer group influences who you become, your environment influences how you feel. I like to take a look around my house and notice anything that is broken, burned out or dead (we are talking plants here.) I know these things are energy vampires.  They drain and depress me without me even realizing it.  So I fix them or throw them out and I am always amazed how much better I feel.

Beyond the broken and dead is another category which I think is even harder to distinguish because it is more subtle. It’s like an energy vampire with manners. I call it the “tolerating” category. I used to have lots of these! Tolerating type stuff are things in my home that I wish were different but for what ever reason haven’t changed it. For example a wall color that came with the house or was my taste 10 years ago. Outdated furniture that still functions so I keep it even though I can’t stand it. Carpet that makes me cringe instead of wood floor.  An ugly light fixture that still works.

I know tolerating is a slippery slope because having things around me that I don’t like or don’t want is a drag. It takes away energy rather than gives it. Being surrounded by beauty and things I love feeds me joy and energy so it’s worth the effort. When I have a bunch of stuff in my house that I don’t like but I don’t change I am basically sending a message to the universe that I’m not worthy. I don’t deserve to have nice things or have beauty and joy in my life. Now I am not suggesting the solution is to go buy a bunch of stuff to be happy because stuff doesn’t make anyone happy. I am saying my environment impacts me deeply on an unconscious level so I make my environment inviting, beautiful and full of things that give me joy. In my house its the art that fills me with joy. Also new candles and fresh flowers when I have them. Sometimes I’ll just throw greenery from the yard in a vase for something alive if I’m out of flowers. I love pretty pillows and yummy blankets. I could write a whole post about my snow leopard blanket from Pier One I love it so much. None of these things were expensive but they make me happy when I see, smell and touch them.

So give yourself permission to tell the universe you deserve beauty, joy and love in your life. Paint the wall, get some slipcovers, buy some fresh candles. The little things make a big difference. When you decide  to stop tolerating less than what you deserve in one area of your life it bleeds over into others. It’s good stuff and it’s loaded with joy.

I’ll see you at Pier One.



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