Day 6 Hello People! (a note about guilty pleasures) | Relish Life Coaching
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Day 6 Hello People! (a note about guilty pleasures)

Day 6 Hello People! (a note about guilty pleasures)

Okay frankly I can’t believe I’ve made it this long without talking about magazines. If I had to pick the number one, guaranteed express train to joy for me it’s a magazine. But I realized that my magazine obsession actually falls in to four distinct categories. And, like my children, I love them equally yet in different ways depending on their personalities. Today’sĀ  personality is what I call Guilty Pleasures. I’m talking People. I LOVE People magazine! I have always had a passion for celebrity gossip and People does not disappoint. I consider it the gospel of the trashy magazine genre. I may not believe that Bruce Jenner is a tranny if it’s in Star or In Touch but it’s something to consider when it’s in People. I also love the red carpet pictures and pictures of celebrities going grocery shopping. I can’t even tell you why. I just do. Maybe it’s because I’m pretty strict on my intake of what’s happening in the world. I avoid the news because it’s filled with fear and who needs more of that? We don’t have regular cable so I don’t watch reality TV or commercials of any kind and when I read books, magazines or blogs it’s usually in the personal growth/spiritual growth/inspirationĀ  genre.

So when I curl up with a stack of People it is an indulgence of the highest order. I feel like a deviant or a naughty school girl and it’s fun! For me it’s also a reminder that it’s okay to spend time doing something for no other reason than it’s fun. Fun has been a deeply undervalued part of my life and the older I get the more fun I want. So when I read my People my brain gets to take a nap. I’m not looking for life changing insights or wisdom to share. The deepest use of my intellect is to thoughtfully consider who really did wear it best? Sometimes it’s hard to decide! The other thing I love about People is that if you are a true People fan, it is impossible to throw them away. You just can’t! So what happens is this kind of underground People sharing/recycling distribution thing. So funny! Right now my mom is the head dealer. She scored a 20 issue subscription for like a dollar an issue so I get my stash directly from her. Then I deal to my neighbor who deals to her friends and so on. I like to think our People’s end up at a hair salon or dentist’s office eventually where they live out their days spreading their delicious gossipy joy for all eternity!

My point is everybody needs some guilty pleasures. They are silly, pointless and a joy jackpot! Maybe you like Cheese Whiz right out of the can. Or you can sing Journey in the car like nobody’s business. Maybe you watch You Tube videos of people falling down or crashing on their skateboards. If I’m low on People my backup is those “People of Walmart”emails and the ones with the 70’s style awkward family pictures.

Take some time today to indulge in a guilty pleasure, because let’s face it – life is too short to skip the Cheese Whiz. I promise I won’t tell anyone.



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