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Day 5 Borrow Other People’s Awesome

When I am having one of those days when things aren’t going well and I’m in a bad mood and the joy just isn’t happening I like to borrow it from someone else. It’s been about 5 years since the moment I started to be honest with myself about how unhappy I was in my life. The unhappiness was going on longer than that but it took me a couple of years (and meltdowns, illnesses and eczema) to own up to the truth that something was wrong. Five years is how long it took me to course correct out of the life I thought I should be living into the one I wanted to live. It was a slow and sometimes painful process and what sustained me was tapping into the lives of other people who were living the kind of life I wanted.

This is how I discovered the world of blogs. One of the first ones that I fell in love with was Kelly Rae Roberts. She is an artist and a kindred spirit. I felt a deep connection to her because she had been a medical social worker and didn’t even start painting until her 30’s. Now she is a mega-successful artist who has licensed her art on everything from coffee cups to furniture. Her life and her bog were so beautiful and inspiring to me. I would cry pretty often when I would read her stories and see her amazing art. The stories weren’t sad. What made me cry was how badly I wanted a life like that and how far my own life was from that vision. But Even though it hurt a little to see her world it gave me hope at the same time. If this was possible for her then it was possible for me too. She sustained me through the years when I did the hard work to make things different for myself. When I would get tired, disheartened or want to give up reading her blog would bring that fire back again and remind me why I wanted more and what I was really working towards.

Another person loaded with awesome is Flora Bowley (That’s her pictured above!) It was actually through her Bloom True intuitive painting e-course that I had the courage to start this blog. Flora is an amazing teacher and that course changed me in many ways. It went way beyond painting. For me it was about giving myself the freedom to make mistakes. My desire for perfection was paralyzing me from trying new things in my art and in my life.¬† You can read about my experience here. Even now when I need some joy and inspiration I pop over and visit Flora. Her art, her spirit and her lifestyle continue to inspire me. Lately I’ve been digging on Amanda Gibby Peters and her Simple Shui blog. Her videos are so cute and she has really inspired me to shake up the shui in my home. Lastly, if you have been under a rock and you don’t know about Glennon Doyle Melton over at Momastery¬† I am about to rock your world. Her brutal honesty, emotional intelligence and spectacular sense of humor inspire me nearly every day. Do yourself a favor and go buy her book Carry On Warrior. While your at it get a couple of extras. I keep giving mine away and I have to go buy it again.

These are my people. And these are just a few! I could do a whole 30 days about all of the people who inspire me. They are like a soul tribe to me and when I am running low on awesome I look to them to share some of theirs and they never disappoint. Their awesomeness fills me with joy and inspires me to get up in the morning and enjoy this life I have worked so hard to create. What I have learned from my own experiences is in this life we need some back up.

So go and find yourself some people with awesome to spare. Trust me there will be days you are going to need it and you will be so grateful it’s there waiting for you.



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