Day 4 Give Me Some Sugar | Relish Life Coaching
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Day 4 Give Me Some Sugar | Relish Life Coaching

Day 4 Give Me Some Sugar

I must confess I have a sweet tooth. I love some baked goods and anything involving chocolate. If you want to know the truth when homemade cookies are in my house I frequently eat them for breakfast. Brownies too on occasion. I know it’s wrong, and admitting you eat sugar these days is like telling the world you shoot heroin, but they just taste so good with tea and coffee!

These simple cookies may not look like much but there are some hard won life lessons up in these chocolate chips. After years of what I would call baking shame about my sad, flat, odd texture cookie production I went on a mission to find a cookie recipe I could have success with. It took a while.

It turns out baking is a pretty good metaphor for life. How we approach baking is a lot like how we approach life. At least it was for me. You see I would have a recipe but I had a little trouble following all of the directions. Usually that’s because I was talking on the phone, unloading the dishwasher, doing laundry and opening mail while I was baking. You miss some important details this way. For example it’s easy to miss the difference between a tablespoon abbreviation and a teaspoon abbreviation if you are not paying close attention. It turns out that is really big deal. Especially when you are adding the salt. Also the quality of your ingredients matter a lot.  Use your 30 day old baking soda from the freezer and you will end up with chocolate chip flavored Laffy Taffy. Your cookies won’t look so much like cookies. The last thing I learned is that the order in which you add the ingredients matters big time.  You can have all the right ingredients but if you add them in the wrong sequence you are in trouble.

So what does this have to do with joy you might ask? Well a lot actually. What I learned from practicing making good cookies turned out to be some big things I needed to learn to practice in my life:

1. Be Present (That means pay attention to what you are doing and do only one thing at a time)

2. Have high standards (For your ingredients aka friends, work, relationships, health) if you have low quality ingredients you will get low quality results

3. Prioritize (Decide what is most important to you in life and make sure your life reflects that. If you say your relationships are most important but you spend all your time working you may need to make an adjustment )

I realized that my cookie struggles were self-created. Now I LOVE baking cookies. I love that it requires discipline and focus on my part. I love that when I bake cookies I get lost in the cookie making and forget about everything else in my life for that brief time. And I love when I am finished I have homemade yumminess to share with my family, friends, clients and even Katie who delivers our mail. Chocolate chip cookies are like an edible hug to me. They are a delicious and socially acceptable way to spread the love (and joy!)

So go give the world some sugar. I’ll be the first in line.



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