Day 30 Finding My Voice | Relish Life Coaching
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Day 30 Finding My Voice | Relish Life Coaching

Day 30 Finding My Voice

Day 30 Finding My Voice | Relish Life Coaching

It’s day 30! I cant’ believe it! What a privilege it has been to share this time and space with you. I have enjoyed writing this blog series more than I ever thought possible. It has had a profound effect on me.

You see one of my greatest gifts is my ability to adapt. It has served me very well over the years. I can adapt to new circumstances the way a chameleon can blend in to its environment.  This particular skill allows me to go with the flow and keep the peace in every aspect of my life.

There is bad side to this adaptability though. This is a lesson I have learned the hard way, repeatedly. I had to learn that just because I am capable of adapting doesn’t mean that I should. The way this would manifest for me was with regard to my own needs. Whether it was in a job, friendship or relationship I would deny my own feelings and adapt to what was. Over time this became very unhealthy for me. It caused me a lot of pain.

The great thing about pain, is that it can be a wake up call. It sure was for me. I came to a point where I had to find my voice in my work, friendships and relationships. I had to communicate what I needed and not just morph into whatever everyone else needed. Doing this wasn’t easy. People were accustomed to me being what they wanted me to be.  It took consistent effort over time to show them that things had changed. That I had changed.

It’s like I had to renegotiate the contracts of all of my relationships – this time coming from a place of strength and focused on what I needed. This process was some of the most important personal growth work I’ve ever done.

Writing this blog has been like another extension of this process. What I’ve just described is how I found my voice in my private life. Writing and sharing what I’ve learned through my blog has helped me find my voice in my public life. Now I know what my message is – which I didn’t before. I know what I’m passionate about and I know what it is I want to say. It has come to me through doing this every day.

I can’t thank you enough for coming on this journey with me. I’m so grateful for this experience and I am completely hooked on blogging. Writing these posts has given me clarity and a way to articulate so many things I have learned in the past several years and continue to learn through the work with my clients. Their insights become my insights which become your insights. It’s beautiful.

I started this series to share my joy,  but it has actually become a source of joy for me.

While I may not continue to post every day, I promise to continue writing and sharing anything I can think of that could make your life a little happier and a little more joyful.

I hope you will continue to share it with me.



p.s. special thanks to Kellie McCann for the photo!

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