Day 29 Loving What I Do | Relish Life Coaching
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Day 29 Loving What I Do | Relish Life Coaching

Day 29 Loving What I Do

It’s Monday! Sometimes I am in awe that I get to coach people for a living. I love this work so much it is really hard to put into words. Connecting with people and witnessing the moments when they have an insight, their thinking shifts and they make a new decision or take a different action then they would have done in the past well, it fills me with a joy I can’t describe. In those moments I have absolute certainty I am doing what I was created to do. I am living my purpose on this Earth, and it feels amazing.

It struck me this morning that I look forward to Monday’s. I love taking a break over the weekend and spending time with my family but I am always excited to get back to work on Monday. I should mention this wasn’t always the case.

There have been many times over the years that I loathed Monday’s. In fact on Sunday evenings I would be overwhelmed with dread and even nausea thinking about going to work on Monday. It was awful. I didn’t enjoy the work I was doing and I felt trapped because I needed a paycheck. I just couldn’t see a way out. So I kept loving every minute away from work and feeling miserable at work. This went on for years at various jobs. Eventually it would get bad enough that I would leave and get a new job. The new job would be okay for a while and then the Sunday dread would inevitably come back until I couldn’t take it anymore and it would be time to move on again.

I can see now looking back that the biggest part of my problem was that I was focusing on everything that was wrong with my job. What you focus on, you feel. So everyday when I went looking for what sucked at my job, I found it. It’s a recipe for misery. Had I been able to focus on the good parts of my job and been truly grateful that someone was willing to pay me for the parts I enjoyed – it would have changed the way I felt at work and about my job. By focusing on what is good and what I’m grateful for, it changes my experience of work.

Eventually I learned to to this and it worked. I was able to go from feeling trapped and resentful to deeply grateful in my last job. That skill allowed me to enjoy my time there until the next door opened and it was time to start my business. I still have fond memories and good feelings about that job. It just wasn’t what I’m here to do.

Now, after a few years of being self employed I have a whole new appreciation for that job. There is so much I didn’t even know I was grateful for until it was gone like getting a continuous paycheck, health benefits and the camaraderie of the people I worked with. I took those things for granted because they had always been there. Now I realize I was very lucky and I have a whole new appreciation for that experience.

I also realize that each one of those jobs that I eventually disliked served a purpose. They were a step on the way to doing what I do now. Skills and opportunities came out of those jobs that made this work possible for me. And so of course I am very grateful for them. They weren’t a mistake and they weren’t a waste of time. They led me to work I deeply love, work that makes a difference.

If you are in a situation where you don’t enjoy your work but you feel trapped by the need of a paycheck, what is good about your job? Even if the only answer is you have a friend you enjoy eating lunch with – that’s something! Focus on the fact you get paid to have lunch with your friend. From there you will start to notice other things you can be grateful for and other things that are good about your job. Even if you hate it, it’s serving you. It’s teaching you what you don’t want and that is a gift in itself.

Tony Robbin’s says everything happens for a reason and a purpose and it serves you. I agree wholeheartedly! Some of my worst jobs and most painful experiences have directly contributed to me being able to do what I love now. Let me tell you it was well worth it.  If you want to make a change in your career first start appreciating what you do have. Then look at what you want to be different and start taking small steps towards making those changes. If you don’t get to the place of appreciation for where you are now you will make a decision to change out of reaction and you will end up in the same situation all over again just in a different building.

Gratitude helped me get where I am today, doing work I dearly love. And gratitude sustains me through the pitfalls of owning a business which comes with doing this work.

Doing work I love has given deeper meaning to my life. If you feel dissatisfied, stuck and afraid to change just know where you are now serves a purpose and if you take small actions over time you will end up at a place you love.

I’ll see you there.



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