Day 20 Celebrate the Season | Relish Life Coaching
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Day 20 Celebrate the Season | Relish Life Coaching

Day 20 Celebrate the Season

Day 20 Celebrate the Season | Relish Life Coaching

I’m probably going to have more than one post on this subject. Even though it is a really busy time for me right now I want to be present and really savor this short, special time of year. There is so much involved in the holidays. It’s layers of joy coupled with some painful reminders of how brief everything in life is. It hurts to miss people we are separated from or that we have lost. Yet there is a sense of hope and positive anticipation. You really get to see the best in people. The holiday spirit to me is the sense of wonder I feel when I slow down and take it all in. As well as the overwhelming love I feel for everything: the beautiful decorations, the music, the special foods and sweet treats. Time to connect with friends and family that sometimes I don’t see all year.

I¬† am always amazed at the speed at which the year has passed. It feels like it’s faster every year. I get anxious and feel rushed sometimes, like I haven’t had enough time to do everything I wanted to this year. So I sneak a little quite time for myself to really reflect on the past year. What was great about it? What could have been better? What are some things I could have done differently? I also look ahead at the coming year and start ruminating on what I want for this coming year. What do I want to create for myself? My family? My business? It’s good to take time to day dream and imagine. If what I am imagining is very different from what is happening right now – that’s great! What do I need to do to make things more like I imagine or want them to be?

Perhaps the best thing about this season is the inherent¬† joy in celebration. Celebration is so undervalued in our society. I think because the pace of our lives is so crazy. We are always on to the next thing and don’t often pause to really celebrate. That is why it is so great to have several weeks when everyone has permission to slow down, reconnect with people they love and celebrate all that is good in the world and in our lives. How often as a culture do we honor joy, peace, hope and love? I think it’s the perfect way to end a year and start a new one with those sentiments in mind.

I have some sacred holiday rituals that help me do this that I will share in the coming days. Some are silly and serve no other purpose than I enjoy them, which is kind of the point. What are some of yours?

What do you love about the holidays? What do you find challenging? How do you celebrate?

I would love to know and to share the joy.



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