Day 18 Sweet Serendipity | Relish Life Coaching
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Day 18 Sweet Serendipity | Relish Life Coaching

Day 18 Sweet Serendipity

Today I’m posting much later than I normally do. It was a day full of unexpected pleasures and a mess of a schedule but it was all meant to be. When I go with the flow instead of forcing my agenda, amazing things happen. Today I was fortunate to be invited as a guest host on Girl Talk. I love doing Girl Talk and I jumped at the chance. I love filming at the different locations and meeting all of the interesting people that come on the show. Today was no exception.

One of the other guest hosts was an amazing lady named Keri Dylan. She designs incredible jewelry and if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it you can here. We clicked instantly. She is a kindred spirit in every sense of the word. It was hard to take a breath in the conversation because we were both spouting off favorite books, insights and inspirations one after the other. It was like a joy bomb. The more excited I got, the more excited she got. It set my day on a beautiful path and I owe her a big thank you.

Thanks to the high I was on after meeting Keri I stopped by to share some of the joy and excitement with an artist friend who wasn’t feeling well. Being around creative people gives me energy. It helps me tap into to the part of my brain that is completely free of judgment and totally open to magic.  In that space I have no problems, obligations or issues of any kind. I’m happy, free and open to the wonder of what is around me like a child. I love the way I feel. Later in the day I bumped in to an old friend from high school, Gavin Daly who happens to be a pretty amazing artist and his wife, Selina King who also designs beautiful jewelry. You can see her work here.

My creative world just expanded by a power of three and I am so grateful! Most especially because I let myself be open to the new and unexpected. If I had said no to Girl Talk because I was too busy, if I had held back from trying to get to know Keri, if I hadn’t taken the chance to say hello to someone I thought I knew but wasn’t sure, then my day would have been like every other day and I would have missed out on adding these people and their awesome gifts to my life.  Do you ever find yourself with”to do” tunnel vision? When you feel like every task is life or death? When you are on autopilot so much you don’t even notice opportunities when they appear?

What are some ways you can leave some space in your day and in your life for some new people, ideas or experiences?

For me today was a great reminder that although working and raising kids does require routine, I don’t have to let my routine define me or hold me back from new opportunities. My responsibilities will always be there. Creativity, magic and wonder are more elusive so I need to embrace them when they appear.

I hope you will be inspired to do the same.




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