Day 10 Reality Check | Relish Life Coaching
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Day 10 Reality Check | Relish Life Coaching

Day 10 Reality Check

I have to say I am enjoying doing these posts more than I ever expected to. Joy is my center. It is the baseline of how I live my life and I am passionate about helping other people bring more of into their lives. My biggest concern before starting this series was that I would come off as, well “Pintresty” for lack of a better way to put it (well, maybe not my pictures.) Now I love Pintrest and when I need ideas for my girls’ birthday parties and decorating my house it is a go-to spot for me. But The one negative thing about Pintrest is how bad it makes me feel. It seems so staged and it reeks of unattainable perfection. It’s not realistic. At least not for me.  So what I was concerned about with my posts is that people would get the idea that I live in a totally joyful, bliss-ed out state 24/7 and that I don’t have problems and I don’t get in bad moods or have off days. I’m here to tell you it’s quite the opposite. I’m frequently late, I drop F-bombs in inappropriate situations and my husband and children could easily write 30 days worth of posts about my bad moods and temper. Problems? I’ve got plenty. In fact my 30’s have at times felt like one painful life-lesson after another.

The funny thing is that it is because of all of the stress and problems that I have had that I discovered the power of joy. When your life is a mess and you are unhappy and in pain you have a choice. You can let it beat you or you can transcend your circumstances and be happy in the midst of the mess. That is what I have learned to do and that is what I want to share. So all of these little tips and practices are the ways in which I transcend my own problems. The major ingredients of my life have not changed much over the years.  I’ve got the same husband, children, house, cars, bills, responsibilities I used to have plus some new ones that aren’t so great. But the way I feel in my life is completely different. Joy transforms the way we experience our lives. I’m living proof of that. And how to do it is what I want to share. If I can inspire, guide or help one person then this whole adventure will be worth it. And as always, as I help someone else, I help myself too.

So if you are late for carpool, drop  F-bombs, yell at your loved ones and hide your clean laundry baskets because people are coming over-  we should be friends. We have a lot in common! And if you want to be able to be in the beautiful mess that is life and feel joyful in the midst of it stay tuned. You just might find it’s easier than you think.




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