A Personal Renovation | Relish Life Coaching
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A Personal Renovation | Relish Life Coaching

A Personal Renovation

Happy summer! Wow it’s sure going fast… I had the opportunity to be a guest on Girl Talk recently. I feel so fortunate to be included and to get to spend time with such amazing women. We were talking about the concept of personal renovation. This is a subject on my mind a lot this summer as I help more and more people transform their lives with coaching. It’s also something I’ve been deeply engaged in within my own life. My 40th birthday is rapidly approaching and I have a very clear understanding of how I want to feel when that moment arrives. I’m working on the parts of myself and my life that need to change/improve to get that feeling. I can’t wait to share it with you as redesigning this website is one of them. I’ve grown and changed and so has my business and my brand¬† needs to reflect it.

This summer has been a very different one for me and my family. The past several summers have been nothing but sun and fun. They were filled with lots friends and lazy days. This one – well it’s about work (different kinds and lots of it.) It seems I’m not the only one having this kind of summer. The handful of times I’ve seen my friends they are all saying the same thing. We are lamenting about our lame summers. Just like in sports, there are championship years and rebuilding years. Apparently this is a rebuilding year kind of summer for most of us. The upside is that while my tan has been suffering, I’ve been learning and growing exponentially. I’ve been collecting many new insights and distinctions¬† thanks to the volume and variety of clients I am working with right now. I’m looking forward to sharing them in upcoming posts.

Hopefully you are delighting in the best summer of your life but if not – if you too are having a rebuilding summer – then go with it. Surrender to it. Get started on your own personal renovation. Make good use of this time and the hard work will be done. I don’t know about you but I’m looking forward to a championship year kind of autumn!



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